Hello Again.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?
Almost three months actually…

From what i recall, we left you in an awful note.
Eve.. She finally made it.. Finally took over of what was left of me.
I felt the darkness coming, it’s was time for me to disappear..

I was lucky though.
My friends.. My family.. They never left.

They came for me, to save me.
and even after they saw the horrors that Eve did, they didn’t give up.

With the help of a strange friend, they took Eve away from me.
They pulled her out of me.. Like a ghost, possessing my body.
The pain was unbearable.. but died quickly..

I was safe. And Eve was gone..

Along with a piece of me..

Now i’m trying to recover, the pain still comes back from time to time.
Having my back horn removed in such a sudden way was meant to leave sequels.
We’re all slowly trying to go back to normal now, to forget what we saw, to forget the nightmare created by me..

Some of us have left though.. Charlotte, Juniper.. Vlad.. I still don’t know why they left so quickly.. Did they know..?
From what Geo told me, Charlotte left to help a friend. She left without saying a word to anyone else, so as soon as Juniper found out, she went after her, and then Vlad just disappeared..
The others are slowly leaving too.. Gordon left a month ago, to spend time with his family.
Monique.. From what Geo told me, she found a new job deep in the city. She won’t be living with him anymore.. I don’t even recall the last time i saw that girl..

Strange.. The house feels a bit.. Empty..
Back in the day it was just me and Marty, and then the family slowly grew.
But now, we’re decreasing back to square one..

I guess it’s for the best.
People come and go.. Don’t they?

But anyway, new faces show up eventually. The house is back open for pokemon to stay, someone will come around.
Like now actually!
We have someone new living with us. Marty said he’s an old friend of his, and that he also helped me with Eve..
He’s a strange fellow.. Always wears a cloak, hood always hiding his face, there is a strange symbol on it aswell.
It’s quite elegant though, and he’s very charming and well mannered as well.
He also offered me to be my teacher a while ago, now that my powers are also coming back.
It still hurts to use them at the moment though.. But i’ll get to it eventually.

Well now, i should go make dinner! i can already hear Marty doing laps around the kitchen, silly boy.
I wonder if Geo will come over tonight.
He has been fairly distant since that night..

Maybe.. he’s afraid..? i wouldn’t be surprised..
I was afraid of myself once.. but not anymore..

Anyway, i must go, But i’ll be back!
We all will.
We missed you all so much, and let’s hope we all can go back to normal.

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